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For more than thirty years we've been making caramels for friends and family. Now they are available to everyone! We use the finest ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, to handcraft our Sweet and Salty Caramels in a variety of flavors. You'll enjoy their melt-in-your-mouth buttery goodness and smooth creamy texture. Our caramels are soft and creamy, not hard and chewy. 

Vital Belgian Nougat, 1.59 ounce bars

Vital Nougat Bars Small.jpg
Vital Nougat Bars Small.jpg

Vital Belgian Nougat, 1.59 ounce bars

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nougat (from Latin 'nux gatum', nut pie) is a confectionery made from: whipped egg white, honey and almonds. Invented in Europe in the 19th century, nougat is a popular candy in Belgium and the whole of Europe. Since 1926, we at VITAL have been producing nougat.

Enjoy your soft nougat with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

HOW IS Vital NOUGAT MADE? Simple: just like in the old days: - based on fresh egg white, - with fine sugar and real honey, - exclusively with almonds and real pistachios, - with real vanilla, coffee, chocolate.

Vital Nougats are guaranteed gluten free.
Without chemical substances, with genuine ingredients. Following grandfather Vital’s recipe, we elegantly and neatly whisk the egg whites into snow, cook the sugar and honey in an open fire, mix everything slowly into a fine blend, and then finish off the process. Finally, there can be (for those who can’t get enough) an additional decoration of almonds or fruits on top. 

IN SHORT, WHAT IS NOUGAT VITAL? - incomparably delicious  - 100% natural  - great with coffee, as a snack and as a gift for your loved ones.   - made without colorants or preservatives

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